Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Summer 987 - Into the bowels of the earth

Following a quiet few months as they established themselves in the Border Kingdoms town of Alwinton, Ragnar and his team set out for Zog-Rot. They had travelled some distance into the country before they found their first sign of goblin life. They quickly checked their gear before descending into the dungeon in search of glory (and treasure). As they entered the dungeon, they found themselves in a narrow corridor with two doors in it; one at the end and one on the right wall. Hildigunn moved up to the door on the right wall. She checked it out and was satisfied that there was nothing wrong with it. However, upon opening the door she was showered with rotten wood and faced with a blank wall. This door had clearly been trapped at one time but the trap had rotted and now it did not work.

The group advanced to the other door. It was locked too. Hildigunn failed to pick this lock and so Ragnar broke the door down. As he rebounded back through the door, the group realised that they were in a false entrance. There was nothing beyond either door. It looked like this was a trap for those that would raid the dungeon, and not a dungeon itself. Unhappily they returned to the surface. Their search for glory would continue later, but first they were going to get something to eat.

This scenario was an encounter with goblins in a dungeon. I was looking forward to a good dungeon bash. Unfortunately, this one went nowhere. The dice I rolled generated doors with nothing behind them and no goblins were encountered. Ho hum!


  1. I think in this case, a fundge of the results of the second door would have been okay!

  2. I could have used a fudge, but I actually like the idea of there being fake entrances to dungeons. Having lots of traps in those fake entrances is a sneaky and goblin-like thing to do.

  3. Too true! Good luck on the next dungeon!


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