Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Summer 987 - The Battle Between Two Woods

The men of Treyine were confident after their battle with the Brethren. They had a powerful sorceress on their side and their mercenaries had shown conspicuous gallantry in the face of the enemy. In fact, it seemed that Sir Geoffrey Chambers was a real fire-eater, charging off into the fray heedless of the dangers that he exposed himself to. So, when they were ordered to march on Ekra, they marched like men with nothing to fear.

Once onto Ekran soil they soon found themselves facing the enemy. They deployed between two woods and stood ready to face the famous Ekran charge. The sun rose in the sky and sweat dripped from many a brow as they emplaced stakes along their frontage. The Treyine army placed its faith in its longbowmen above all else. These stout yeomen could loose thousands of arrows in seconds on any enemy foolish enough to try to close with them. Sir Geoffrey's mercenaries were deployed on the left flank this time.

The Ekran army had its knights deployed facing Sir Geoffrey Chambers, on their right flank. Their infantry were deployed across the frontage of the Treyine army, but it was clear that these troops were intended solely to occupy the attentions of the archers while the knights tried to collapse the Treyine left flank. The Ekrans sounded the advance and their troops moved forwards. The knights quickly demonstrated their impetuousness by outpacing all but the Ekran skirmishers. This was too much for Sir Geoffrey, who ordered his own knights forward. The Ekrans, seeing this lone advance immediately sounded the charge and Sir Geoffrey countercharged. The melee was short but furious. Although Sir Geoffrey's knights took more casualties in the first onslaught, they drove a wedge through the leading knights, broke their morale and routed them. Buoyed up by this victory, he and his men trampled a unit of Ekran crossbowmen in their eagerness to break their lances on the next unit of knights. Unfortunately, this was just too much. The new knights drove Sir Geoffrey's men from the field.

However, in that first charge, Sir Geoffrey had laid the Ekran general low and now the Ekrans were leaderless. Their troops were shaken and many fled the field. Barely half the Ekran army still stood and the Treyine main assault had yet to fall on the Ekrans. The Ekran general's replacement called for a parlay and surrendered. His troops were permitted to retreat with colours flying and this province became another part of Treyine.

This battle was lost by the Ekrans thanks to particularly poor reaction tests in the first melee of the battle, which saw their general rout from the field. The sorceress did little but summon a unit of minor demons to aid the Ekran cause. She tried to destroy the Ekran army with an Abyss spell but exhausted herself instead.

The Treyine army had no permanent losses.
The Ekran army lost:
1 unit of Knights
1 unit of Infantry
1 unit of Crossbowmen
1 unit of Peasant Foot

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