Monday, 20 July 2009

Summer 987 - A Postcard from the Edge

Brother Cedric had ridden for days across the Border Kingdoms and had now reached the borders Ekra. He had heard that the Treyine army had advanced into Ekran territory and were bent on the conquest of their traditional rivals. He must catch up with the Treyine army if he were to accomplish his mission. The army could not be far ahead.

It seemed that the traditionally rainy Treyine summer weather was following the Treyine army. Brother Cedric and his retinue were all soaked to the skin and miserable. It looked like they would have to spend another rainy night in the open when, as night fell, Cedric espied a tumble-down farm ahead. A light glowed welcomingly from the window. It was just a hovel, but it was a roof and four walls. He decided that a night spent in the warmth would be better than another night in the open, even if they had to share their beds with half a dozen goats and a cow or two. Cedric hammered on the door, which shuddered fit to splinter under his gauntleted fist.
"Open in the name of the Brethren."

The farmer that opened the door was a scrawny specimen, more wrinkle than skin, if truth be told. With the door open Cedric strode in. The farmer durst not deny Cedric entry, and Cedric was able to stretch out his legs before a rather poor but no less welcome fire. The retinue made the most of their opportunity for a dry night and huddled together around the fire, while the farmer and his wife and children huddled in a corner, fearing to say anything in case they upset their noble guests. The night passed and dawn came all too quickly. With the dawn came the thunder of hooves and the clatter of armour.

"Ho farmer," roared a voice, "'Tis time to pay your taxes. I'll have whatever you own and no less."
The farmer moaned in fear, "It's raiders from the Border. Sir Knight, please save us."
Brother Cedric looked up from the postcard he was about to write and leapt into action immediately.

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Dear Griselda,

Hope you are well and the bakery is running fine. Say hello to the lads for me. I couldn’t have been more honoured when the Grand Master himself picked me for a special mission. I have just crossed over into Ekra, but don’t tell anyone, as this is a secret. So what has happened since I last wrote. Brother Klaus has been complaining, as usual, saying this foreign food doesn’t agree with him. Hermann the spearman has been particularly quiet, he seems to think if we travel much further we will fall off the edge of the world. Brother Siegfried, who’s quite clever at this kind of thing, has told him that he will not fall off the edge of the world, as we will reach the lake of fire which the world floats on long before. This didn’t seem to calm Hermann at all. Some people just don’t undestand learning.

We travelled to see Nettle on the Slyde, the Friendliest Hamlet in the Border Kingdoms, as I had said we might in the last letter. Well it wasn’t overly friendly and the River Slyde was at least 6 miles away, but we decided to stay the night. It was almost as if someone was expecting us at the village as in the middle of the night cries came from outside. We quickly rushed out to see what was happening, luckily we remembered to take our weapons with us this time, we’re not getting caught out that way again. Ralf, one of our new crossbowmen, thought he saw something in the fields, but it turned out to be nothing.

Brother Konrad ran out onto the main road and spotted a veritable army heading towards the village.

He rushed at them swiftly killing one and causing others to retreat before him. Their archers and slingers came into action, killing Ralf and his brother Fritz. Henning, our other crossbowman fought on bravely.

We rushed to the aid of Brother Konrad, as the enemy began to encircle him. Again his axe sang and another foe fell to the ground never to ride, this again caused several of the enemy to flee. I reached the battle as Brother Konrad fell, soon to be followed by Brother Leelove. I met their leader who soon fell before my flashing blade.

This seemed to be it for the attack with Brother Seigfried chasing most of the others off. Henning was knocked to the ground in the end by an arrow, before I despatched the last of their archers. By the time we had gathered ourselves together and bound the wounded, the cowardly enemy leader had slunk away into the night. Sadly we lost Fritz and Ralf in the fight, but everyone else made a full recovery.

Hope you like the card.

Best Regards,
Brother Cedric

This was a raid scenario with Brother Cedric being the defender. The enemy arrived in full force on turn 1 but failed to leave their start line and performed particularly poorly in the fight, with the exception of one Rep3 Archer, who passed all his reaction tests with flying colours and was the last on his side to fall.

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