Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Capalan League

To call someone Capalan is to call them devious and treacherous. The Capalan League is known for its dirty politics that rely on assassination more than merit as a means of promotion. This then is the nation that will be joining the campaign in Spring 991.

Its army consists of the wealthier and better quality Knights (front left) and the City Knights (second row left), who are not as well-seasoned in battle. Woe betide you if you let them get behind you though. They are more than familiar with using a soft word and a knife in the back to achieve their ends.

The guard unit (front row right) is the best quality infantry they have, but they only get one of those. The bulk of the infantry are city spearmen (second row right), who are supported by city crossbowmen (third row left). The contadini infantry (third row right) and contadini archers (fourth row right) provide additional support, while mercenary arquebusiers (back) are sometimes used for shock value. The infantry are uniformly of poor quality and the army relies on its knights to win battles with shock and awe tactics.

With the demise of both the Border Kingdoms and Ekra I had two armies that were no longer involved in the campaign so I allocated suitable elements of each army to the Capalan League. This expands our campaign again and gives me the opportunity to keep all my figures in play. The front row of knights are some that I painted in a more Italianate style recently. I am quite interested in putting together an army for fifteenth-century Italy but the lack of a full range of suitable 6mm figures has put me off so far.

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