Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Spring 990 - R-Ekra-iem for the Masses

Altengard had invaded Ekra and the Ekrans had rallied every last man capable of carrying a weapon or even a large lump of wood. They had gathered near the small village of Clair de la Lune. As usual the knights took the position of honour on the right of the Ekran line while the Altengardian knights clearly had no class because they deployed in the centre of their line, thus giving precedence to the light horse on their right flank. No class, these Altengardians.

Unfortunately, the Ekrans had been caught on the hop and the Altengard light horse was able to rampage around their flank and into their rear with only the Ekran peasants and crossbowmen to hold them up a little. There was only one thing to do: Charge! The Ekran knights charged towards the Altengard handgunners but were repulsed with losses. On the left flank the peasants drove off one of the Altengard light horse and the infantry was able to repulse the Altengard knights and the hero.

Trying to salvage something from the wreckage the flower of Ekran nobility charged again. Their general sought out his opposite number among the enemy and sought to reach him and cut him down in a bid to demoralise the enemy and regain the initiative but it was not to be. His valiant charge was repulsed easily and he was driven back. The enemy general pursued and caught him. In the ensuing rout many Ekran knights were cut down and others fled the field. In the end only one blissfully unaware unit of peasants remained on the field (circled in blue). The battle was over and Ekra was no more. The only slight consolation was that the enemy wizard had given himself a massive migraine the first time that he tried to cast a spell and had to leave the field as a result.

This was our first campaign battle using Rally Round The King. It was good fun and the rules were familiar enough to us from having played Warrior Heroes so much but they also felt different. The rules feel tighter than Warrior Heroes and magic is handled quite differently. Based on our initial experience, you really need more than just one level 1 wizard in your army if you want to cast any spells. This makes magic harder to use and probably much less powerful than in Warrior Heroes. Overall though RRTK clearly gives us what we want in a game. We just need to get our heads round the differences between it and WH.


  1. Great AAR.

    If you have some tactical counsels to share, it'll be welcome.


  2. Umm, tactical counsel? Did I mention I lost the game in this AAR? My first bit of advice would be not to charge Rep4 AC4 Arquebusiers from the front with mounted knights. :-)

    More seriously, I hope our future AARs give you some idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the different armies. Where I think something worked particularly well I shall mention it and likewise where I mess up completely.

  3. Great AAR and look forward to reading more as I have yet to purchase Rally Round the King.

  4. I have RRtK but haven't even finished reading it. Looks nice but I am finding it difficult to spot differences between the old WH and RRtK.

    Looking forward to playing it though!


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