Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Spring 991 - The Battle of Dat Look Like A Hill

Da Moon

All da noos what is fit to scrawl


In a feat not seen since the days of Nurg the Slowhand and Arg the Screamin’ Axe, our boys has gone out and dun us proud.
The two battle lines form up
Lining up against the massive army of invading goblins, our few brave lads looked firm with their 3 dinners on my shirt, war costume, sponsored by Umtroll. At the shout from King Pagash the Great Wind, the fearless bunch moved up in 11-0-0 formation at the sneaky goblins.

The goblins headed towards our brave lads and the two met on top of Dat Look Like A Hill. While our archers caught their archers on Dat Anuvva Hill. Our archers soon showed them what shooting is about and they ran off, like the little girlies they is.
The two battle lines meet

The damage after the first round of combat
And then we took reaction tests.
And then we fought another round of combat
The goblins then tried sneaking some wolf riders round the back, but out fearsome hero, Hogash, raced round the back to chase ‘em off. Funny that was the only time Pagash looked worried all day.
The End
The two armies put up a right good fight with toing and froing all along the line, but the lads betta training showed and class will out. Soon the goblins were running off the field carrying the fallen figure of their leader with them. Several of the dire wolf lads and the buggies got carried away and chased them back to their burrows. The screaming continued long into the night, as we celebrated our glorious victory in true orcish style. Goblin taste yum.

Like a sleeping giant we is now awake and are going to go on and bring orcish rule to the world.

Poor Goblins. Their lower Rep really told in this battle. They actually did more damage early on but soon started to suffer. It's a shame the skirmishers all routed from the first volley fired at them. Had they stayed on the field, they might have made a difference. Ah well, pity the poor Goblin nation which is no more. The Goblins are now Orcish slaves. Time to write a mixed Goblin and Orc army list so the Orcs can use the Goblins as cannon fodder.


  1. Wow, that was quick. But honestly things are as they should be with Goblins subservient to their Orc masters. (I really need to get in my games!)

  2. Umtroll, lolol!
    I loved the Orcish way you wrote the report. Excellent report BTW, very clear and straight forward.
    Sean hurry up, we wanna another round! ;-)

  3. An enjoyable battle and the Orc tactics suit my style of play. Can't wait for our next battle. Then time to dust off Brother Cedric and get him back in the action. Cheers for the comments.



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