Thursday, 26 July 2012

Treyine vs Seniira 2, Spring 991

"A pox on that thrice damned Nequam!" Lord De La Warre roared as his fist pounded the camp table. " He has led us to this gods forsaken land, but it will not save him. I will not delay the inevitable slaughter that he has brought down upon his men."

Alerio Nequam had fallen back farther into the hill country of Seniira, hoping to use the terrain to his advantage. The men had already had a taste of the sting of Treyine's archers and did not relish a repeat.

The two armies could sense each other but could not see the battle lines fully arrayed. Lord De La Warre raised the Spear of St. Lindorf and began the march cautiously, trying to hold formation through the woods.

{What follows is a video slide show of the battle. I wanted to try a new method of presentation. It worked okay but you will need to pause it to read some of the text. I had a hard time getting through this battle because of all the interruptions from my kids, what I had planned for an afternoon turned into several days. I also realized several turns in that I couldn't have Cavalry in the woods. Upon that discovery I stopped some units from entering and others were forced to move out of woods.}

So a resounding victory for Treyine. Can anyone withstand their might?


  1. Nice presentation I may give it a try myself.

  2. Good stuff, Sean, and the good guys won again! :-)


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