Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer 991 - Campaign Update

Spring has seen more changes in the geopolitical structure of Talomir. As a result of these changes I have decided to add all the non-human lands to our game. This gives the Orcs a chance to expand without falling foul of the military juggernaut that is Treyine. It also provides some other options for Mirish to attack. The only nations on the map below that are not part of our campaign yet are Valkae, Stygustan and Mangu. We may have to use proxies for these new forces, but I suspect that certain nectarine-munching imperialistic types among our number may ensure that we do not have enough time to even paint the relevant armies before these nations are annihilated.
Overview of Talomir, Summer 991

With the spring campaigning season over, the Orcs have annexed the last of the Goblin lands. The Goblins are no more except as slaves and dinner of the Orcs. The Hykar army was able to defeat the dragon and drive it from their lands. They now control the Brazier of Durmun. Mirish has chased the Elves of Lothgolin from their lands and now seeks to crush the Elves completely. The Elves were beaten, but their will to fight remains undiminished.
The invasion route

Treyine has retaliated successfully against Treyine incursions onto their soil. They have annexed the eastern Seniiran province and are now marching on the capital.
The last days of Seniira?
Altengard has turned its attention to Capalan and cut it off from the Sea of Strife with a well-placed surgical strike. They are now moving to invade northern Capalan in a move that will see Mirholme and Tereken cut off from all land routes to the rest of Talomir.
Altengard imperialistic ambitions made manifest

Artefacts and Magic Items
The Book of the Hungry Moon was lost in the Orcish invasion of Zog-Rot. Soothsayers report that it will return in eight seasons, but they are unsure where.
The Fiddle of Calling is still thought to be in Zog-Rot, but the Orcish invaders have not found it. It is rumoured that the Goblin hero Wabash the Cannonball is hiding in the mountains with it until he can raise an army and free his people.
The Brazier of Durmun was recovered from the dragon by Hykar.

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