Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Killing Fields

King Gunnar Broadaxe had had enough. We will fight them in the open, where our warriors will show the true strength of Mirholme. We shall let the All Father decide whom it pleases him to stock Valhalla with the souls of the slain.

Basically a rehash of the previous battle, minus the Mirholme hero. This time both sides chose penetrate center as their stratagem. Lord Uhtred was with the cavalry reserve again and King Gunnar was with the veterans on the right of the central body.

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3
 In turn 3 I now realize that the Death Dealers probably should not have given ground. In the heat of battle I forgot that they don't take reaction tests.
Turn 4
 As the Mirholme commander my hopes really got up here. Up until this point I had been taking the worst of the damage rolls.
Turn 5

 This was my oops moment (Thank you Rick Perry.) The cavalry passed 2d6 on the Being charged test. They caused some damage but the Death Dealers routed on hits while King Gunnar and his veterans passed 1d6 on the In Melee test. Which is fine unless you're being charged by cavalry.
Turn 6
I had no interest in slogging out the remaining combats. I lined them all up and rolled for recovery. The entire Mirholme force recovered again, not that it matters since they no longer have a country.

Gunnar wept as his men loaded his family and treasure onto the boats. "I have not forsaken you, my homeland!" he cried. "We will become a scourge of the sea until we can raise enough treasure to build an army to gut these Tereken dogs!" And with that he set sail for parts unknown.

Sorry for the crap photos. My cell phone is not the cure all I hoped it to be for picture taking.


  1. A king without land!
    I'm sorry for your loss and I hope to see you soon return in force to recover what it's your by right.

  2. Ouch, that's not the result I hoped for. We shall have to see what happens to the surviving Mirholmers at some point in the future.

  3. Guess this explains why the Tereken are the Mirholme Hated Enemies.

  4. Yeah, I really thought Mirholme had won the battle when the center routed. They were just going to charge the Cavalry in the flank and mop up the levies. Too bad the cavalry was unhurt and led by the General with the hero in support. Too bad the Death Dealers already had 5 or six hits and Gunnar's veterans had at least 4. I'm not sure what I could have done differently from a tactics standpoint. To me it seems like Mirholme is designed to slog it out in a shieldwall until one side breaks.

  5. That's a tough result. But the Lord of the Abyss sends his regrets and offers to deal with the removal of all the dead, lest pestilence take over Mirholme.


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