Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Autumn 994 - Campaign Update

The Abyss took a real kicking in the Summer and has decided to rebuild its army rather than invade anyone else this season. Altengard will continue its invasion of Treyine, while Mirish seeks further revenge upon Mangu and Stygustan reinforces success by further invading Tropilium. The peace treaty between Capalan and Tereken has finally concluded and Tereken has responded by assaulting Capalan as quickly as they can get their army together.

In other news, the Brazier of Durmun has reappeared in the hands of the Tropilium Empire. They now control two of the three artefacts needed to force the surrender of all the nations of Talomir.

Battles this season:
Tereken attacks Capalan's only remaining province.
Altengard attacks Treyine in Valkae.
Stygustan attacks the only remaining Tropilium province that it can reach.
Mirish attacks northern Mangu.

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