Monday, 7 October 2013

Summer 994 Tropilium vs. Stygustan - Ager Dedecus

"Slave grab me a stylus and ink!" General Manlius Gluteus Maximus bellowed as he returned to his quarters in the provincial magistrates palace. He was still covered in sweat and blood from the battle and knew he must hurry to send news of this latest defeat on to the Emperor.

As he finished, Maximus knew there was no way to put a positive spin on this crushing defeat. He had bungled the invasion of Stygustan, he had been ignominiously thrust from the field on home soil. There was only one way to save his family name. After sending the report by courier he had the slaves draw him a hot bath and he opened his veins like the true son of a Senator that he was. In this he would wash away the stain from his family's honor.

Well that one went a little bit pear shaped. Massed bow fire is just devastating. The main problem for the Legions was they didn't get to charge, I should have held them back a little. The Stygustan forces held together well, much better than expected and the chariots did much better with their fire this time around. The magic is very interesting when you treat both sides as NPC, my only complaint was that I only rolled for Defend spells the whole game. I need to revisit the push back follow up rules as I thought I figured out a further nuance I had not noticed before. I also need to make a set of markers to remind me of who is activated. I kept track of hits on a roster this time, but could have still used dice.

The entire Tropilium army was routed but only the Archers were caught in the pursuit. Only one Archer and one Infantry unit routed for Stygustan. So if national morale holds we could have a repeat of this battle.

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