Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Summer 994 - Dead Walkers of the Mountain Tarn

In an uplands valley in the former nation of Naz Goth, the Treyine army faced the invading undead hordes. They anchored their right flank on a hill with a mountain tarn beside it and deployed their archers behind stakes. The Abyssal general deployed his outnumbered troops on a hill, seeking whatever advantage he might gain from that.
Undead to bottom of photo, Treyine to top
 The Treyine general launched his meager cavalry force on the flanks first and the undead redeployed their skirmishers to harass the Treyine troops.

This did not last long as the Eskelin knights on the Undead left flank rode over both the Undead archers and the ghouls that were supporting them. They pursued the routing ghouls out of the valley. On the right flank, the Hykar cavalry sought to turn the Undead flank, but wound up fleeing instead. Seeing this, Sir Geoffrey Chambers charged the White Company knights into the Undead cavalry and promptly decided that he preferred discretion to valour.

Charging back into the fray, the Eskelin knights were driven back once more, their horses blown and their will to fight almost eradicated. The Treyine infantry left the safety of their stakes and marched forward.

The fight for the hill was short. The Undead routed half a dozen units of Treyine archers but were no match for the better armed and armoured infantry and knights that stood behind them. The Undead infantry were destroyed and only their cavalry and centaurs remained. The Undead cavalry began a charge that ended with half a dozen more Treyine units routed, but then they paused at the wrong moment and were caught by the Treyine general. His charge destroyed them quickly, while the Treyine archers feathered the centaurs with more arrows than they had bodies for. The battle was over.

In the pursuit, the Undead lost their cavalry, centaurs, zombies and a unit of ghouls. These losses caused Undead morale to crash and they immediately sued for peace.

This was a fun game to play, and I was particularly pleased with the Undead cavalry. They wrought havoc wherever they went, but I think the end was never really in doubt. A combination of low Rep and low numbers meant that the Undead would have to be really clever and lucky to defeat Treyine. Had the numbers on each side been equal, however, ...


  1. I thought for a horrible moment, at the end, it was all going to go wrong. Thankfully the core of the army held strong. I seem to remember this problem before with armies that don't take tests for loss of leader or generally being decimated. Good game though. Steve

  2. Sad face :( The poor undead army, doesn't seem to have the guts at the moment to win, next time batman next time. :)

  3. Graham, you may be proud of your chaps. They did well against overwhelming odds and had a spectacular run of success with the cavalry. Had the numbers been more even, then I am sure they could have won.


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