Thursday, 24 October 2013

Chasing a Black Cat in a Dark Room - Mangu vs. Mirish AAR

Fighting against the Mangu is very difficult campaign wise. Being mounted and having good morale (Rep 5) they are hard to kill after the battle. Fighting the Mangu is tense because if they win they can crush your army in the After the Battle Major Pursuit.

"General, the Mangu are advancing."
General Pereira slipped his helmet on and joined the cataphracts.  Quickly surveying the battlefield he noticed something was amiss. The Mangu usually tried to envelope both wings of the enemy but this time just the center was moving forward.
He ordered the army forward but with his mounted troops at half speed to match his center of elephants, levies and skirmishers.

 Here's the set up.

The Mangu center, composed of foot troops move out alone and engage the Mirish center. 

 As the Mangu center crumbles, Pereira orders an all out advance at full speed on the wings and in the center.

The lighter Mangu horse inflicts casualties on the heavier armored Mirish cavalry but as they fire and retire they take casualties as well and their bodies break up. Net, net, both wings cancel each other out and take losses, some routing away, others retiring.

 The Mirish center, having routed off the Mangu center bear down on the Mangu leader and his reserve.

The Mirish center, elephants, infantry inflict casualties on the Mangu center but rout off.

Pereira now attacks with the cataphracts, wizards, and hero against the weakened Mangu reserve. As the Mirish close off the rear the attacks go home.

Mirish scores four hits in the mounted melee and the Mangu leader is at risk. Having the leader with the unit keeps it around for a second round of melee and the leader is wounded twice, the bodyguard routed. Leader Lost Test is taken, the Mangu leave the field.

Casualties on the Mangu side are light as the light cavalry are hard to catch and being the cheapest point cost units they are at risk first. One Mangu Skirmisher unit is lost (boxcars) and the Mangu leader captured.

The Mangu tried a feigned flight in hopes of drawing the Mirish forward then collapsing on their from the wings but they didn't have enough troops to do it. Being outnumbered and out-armored and fighting a mounted army as well they could't isolate the Mirish forces.  The pllan would work better against an infantry army.


  1. Great report, Ed. It looks like the Mangu army gave as good as it got. I don't see too many Mirish troops left either.

    National Morale:
    Mirish passes easily.
    Mangu suffers a crushing morale defeat (once I remembered to factor in the modifiers).

    Mangu sues for peace.
    Mirish is now the hated enemy of Mangu.
    Peace will last until Winter 996.

  2. It was pretty even in that I pressed one on one fights on the wing trusting to the better morale to wear down the horsemen so when I did break they would be worn out and couldn't move about very well. Then the leader lost would drive them away. Glad I'm done fighting them. Would rather fight an infantry army.


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