Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Autumn 996 - Campaign Update

The Summer campaigning season saw Treyine take a kicking. Its mercenaries have left Treyine employ and set themselves up in northerly province of Treyine that was once the capital of Zog-Rot. The new army is led by Brother Schwester of the Brethren who hopes to form a new nation dedicated to the principles of the Red Sun. Mirish and Tropilium both took provinces from Treyine.

Tropilium is now at peace with Treyine because it has no access to Treyine territories.

Altengard was defeated by Stygustan and lost its easternmost province.

The Horn of Naz-Goth was lost and will not return for more than half a year.

Going to War:
Altengard invades Treyine
Brethren invade Treyine
Mirish invades Treyine
Stygustan invades Altengard

Altengard chooses to attack Treyine rather than defend against Stygustan, because it holds out little hope of defeating Stygustan this season. When the army is rebuilt on the other hand ...

Treyine chooses to defend against Mirish and leave the other nations alone. Its army is small and stands little chance against any of its invaders but it must make an effort.

Here's how Talomir looks now:

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