Thursday, 14 August 2014

Winter 996 - Campaign Progress

The Autumn saw Treyine take more catastrophic losses, but the stout Treyine yeomen remain largely undaunted. Altengard both gained and lost territory. The remaining nations at war successfully gained territories. Spring will see further depredations against Treyine.

In other news, a surprising rash of nectarine-related deaths have caused world leaders to consider an embargo on nectarine imports from Stygustan. Discussions are ongoing.

Talomir in Winter 996
Leader deaths
Omnipohtent has died of a surfeit of nectarines and has been succeeded by his son Siccituem (WR 2).
A junior magus (Level 1 Magic User) was found dead with a nectarine pit stuck in his throat. The death is not being treated as suspicious.

Kahrpett the Magical (Level 1 Magic User) has died after being crushed by a crate of nectarines. There were no witnesses.

National Morale
Treyine surrenders to Altengard. Morale falters in the war against Mirish (-1 NM) and in the war against the Brethren (-1 NM).

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