Friday, 15 August 2014

Spring 997 - Campaign Progress

The winter was peaceful as they usually are in Talomir, although the spate of nectarine-related deaths has still not been resolved. It is feared that the killer will strike again, so sales of nectarines have been banned and the nectarine orchards of Stygustan placed under armed guard. This has caused much unrest in Talomir including the emergence of an army of Beastmen in the former territories of the Red Sun Dwarves.

Mercenaries, heroes and magic users are in short supply this year.
Treyine recruits a unit of Wind Maidens.
The famed White Company was wiped out last Autumn but it has now been rebuilt as good as new. Altengard recruits the new White Company.
Stygustan recruited one Level 2 Wizard and 2 Level 1 Apprentices.

Magic Items and Artefacts
The Book of the Hungry Moon resurfaces in the former lands of Naz-Goth, thus winding up in Mirish hands.

Ongoing Wars
Brethren invade Treyine
Mirish invades Treyine
Stygustan invades Altengard

New Wars
Mangu invades Mirish in protest at General Pereira's continued access to nectarines.
Tereken invades Treyine because it seems like a good bandwagon to jump on.
Beastmen invade Mirish.

Mirish will fight the Beastmen, to crush them, drive them before the Mirish army and hear the bleating of the Beastwomen, before they can establish a hoof-hold.
Treyine chooses to try to defeat the treacherous Brethren before they gain more of a foothold.
Stygustan will fight Altengard

Mangu gains a Mirish province without a fight.
Tereken gains a Treyine province without a fight.
Treyine was not invaded by Mirish this season. Therefore it will invade Mirish next season, assuming that it survives that long.


  1. Huzzah! Nothing like kicking a country when they are down. Glory to Tereken!

  2. Hi, what did you use to make the Talomir map? Was it Campaign Cartographer, and if so, can you share the file?

    1. Hi,

      Yes, it's Campaign Cartographer. You can download the base map that features Talomir at the start of the campaign here:
      It is not finished. I still need to add mountains and other terrain features in the southern half.


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