Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Slaugther on the Plains

"You've been around for a long time, haven't you?", Pereira asked the trembling Caster." Kahrpett, isn't it?"
"The Magical," the trembling man replied.
"The Magical, sir," he continued. "Kahrpett the Magical."
"Well, Kahrpett the Magical, your time has come," the General said suppressing a laugh. "I will let the other Casters know they are to take orders from you...and you will take orders only from me. Is that clear?" Pereira slid the knife along the nectarine and wasn't smiling."I don't want any confusion on your part."
"Yes sir," he replied."Only from you. Got it."
Pereira smiled, walked over to the Caster, and put his arm around his shoulders. "Good, good. I look forward to working with you. Now go, enjoy our victory."
Kahrpett bowed and with a flourish left the tent.
"*&#$% Wizards," Pereira said to on one in particular.

Well, that was interesting. I forgot about firing blast spells at Missile troops that can fire back. Rolling that "6" was bad luck, but hey, she knew the job was dangerous when she took it. 
Looking at the battle Treyine's only hope was to take out Pereira. Came close too.
The slaughter was great in pursuit. With the much faster cavalry all surviving to pursue passing 1d6 resulted in the unit being lost.

The butcher's bill:
1 Foot Knights
2 Infantry
2 Archers
1 White Company Knights
1 White Company Archers


  1. So does that mean that the White Company is no longer available? Did Sir Geoffrey bite it?

  2. Great stuff! Love, elephants :D

  3. It will mean that the White Company leaves Treyine service and will be back on the market whenever it is rolled up as a mercenary option to represent the time that Sir Geoffrey takes putting the company back together.

    Treyine passes 2 dice on the National Morale test versus the Brethren and Mirish, but only 1 die versus Altengard. The wars will continue but Treyine morale goes down 1 point. N.B. I decided to roll separately for each war, because Treyine might sue for peace against one opponent to free itself up to deal with another. I shall continue to do this for all wars featuring multiple attackers.


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