Monday, 14 September 2009

Spring 988 - Campaign Progress

Spring is largely a quiet time in Talomir this year. Only Tropilium has decided to go to war. Seeing the rapid expansion of Treyine, the Tropilium Empire has decided to invade Treyine and curb the threat that they pose. Of course, it probably helps that the Treyine mage has died over the winter. We can only speculate on the nature of her death and wonder whether the Tropilium Empire had something to do with it!

Only Ekra and Treyine are choosing to use mercenary forces this year. However, a rash of mages has emerged from all over Talomir and many nations have recruited them.

The situation at the start of Spring 988:
(Click picture for a larger version)

Armies at the start of 988:
Border Kingdoms
1 Retinue Cavalry
2 Retinue Infantry
6 Borderers
2 Skirmishers
1 Level 2 Mage

1 Brother Knights
2 Brother Sergeants
3 Heavy Spears
1 Peasant Foot
2 Crossbows
1 Peasant Archers

3 Knights
2 Infantry
2 Crossbows
The Black Company
1 Level 1 Mage

3 Archers
6 Goblins
1 Wolf Riders
1 Black Moon Goblins

1 Noble Cavalry
17 Cavalry
1 Jurgen Infantry
1 Level 1 Mage

1 Foot Knight
3 Infantry
9 Archers
The White Company
The Spear of Saint Lindorf
1 Heavy Spearmen (Tribute from the Brethren)
1 Knight (Tribute from Ekra)

1 Equites
5 Legionaries
3 Auxiliaries (Mixed)
1 Auxiliary Archers
1 Archers
1 Slingers
1 Auxiliary Cavalry
1 Level 1 Mage
1 Level 2 Mage


  1. So did Treyine try to recruit a mage?

  2. We checked for mages for all nations involved except the Brethren because we felt that mages belong in the Twilight where Brethren only go to smite things. Treyine tried for a Mage but failed. The goblins rolled up a Level 3 Mage but then I realised that they had no recruiting rolls with which to recruit the mage! Shame really because I reckon they need the help.

  3. Very cool campaign post. I really hope that WH gets re-done soon. Your battles in the game have really sparked interest for reading it.

  4. I sent a draft of the new WH through to Ed at the end of last month. He had a couple of others working on it too so I think he will be trying to reconcile the different versions and put them together now. It might be worth pestering him on the yahoo group.

  5. Grat stuff Ruarigh, I'm also waiting for the re-release of WH to link it with my WHAA campaign.

  6. >It might be worth pestering him on the yahoo group.

    Nuts 2 has taken a lot of his time. Now that has been published other things may get freed up over time.


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