Friday, 18 September 2009

Summer 988 - Once More Into The Dungeon

Goblins are an ever-present nuisance on the border near Alwinton, so Ragnar decided to lead a punitive raid against them for what they were almost certainly about to do. Leading his small band into the border country of Zog-Rot, he soon located the entrance to one of the goblins’ underground lairs. Ragnar quickly gave orders to his troops, formed them up and they entered the goblin lair. Ragnar was surprised that there were no guards or traps present in the outer chamber of the lair; Goblins are sneaky and often rely on traps to discourage their enemies. These goblins were very slack!

As the group advanced further into the lair, Hildigunn disarmed several traps. So, the lack of traps in the entrance was just a ruse to lull you into a false sense of security, eh. Well, Ragnar was not going to get caught out like that.

Eventually they found their way into a large chamber. It was filled with goblins. There was only one thing to do. Ragnar ordered his group to charge. Several of the goblins fell immediately, and their chief did not last much longer as Ragnar charged him. The remaining goblins fired a few desultory arrows, which unfortunately wounded Drogo and Hildigunn but the sight of the huge, red-bearded Mirholmer soon had them running for the doors. This was just as well since a new group of goblins joined the fray shortly after that. Fortunately Gunnvora and Grim were in place to guard the door. They prevented the goblins from entering the room for long enough that the rest of the group could aid them. After this the goblins had to wade through their own dead to reach Ragnar’s people. This was too much for them and they fled. After a thorough search of the rest of the lair Ragnar’s group found little treasure and no more goblins, but they feasted well on ripper beast and mushrooms from the goblins' farm before returning home to Alwinton.

This was a fairly standard raid scenario and is the last of my solo campaign scenarios. From now on Ragnar will be rolling as normal for new scenarios and I hope to include pictures of the games.


  1. Ho Ragnar! Send them all to Valhalla!
    -Your cousin Einar.
    PS. I'm eagerly waiting for your following encounters with pics in them. Go Mirholme!

  2. Hail Einar. Hail Einar's beard! If I may misquote a fine film. :-) Rest assured that our Mirholmen heroes will get themselves into plenty of trouble in the future and that pictures of that trouble will be made available as evidence!


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