Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Tropilium Imperial Army

Tropilium Empire

After years of decline under successive Emperors, things seem to be changing for Tropilium. Following the death of Ferad the Studious, in an unexpected hunting accident, the Empire has been taken over by his cousin Herak the Sureshot. He has set about increasing the size of and re equipping the army, which has suffered years of cut backs.

There have already been several ‘border incidents’ with surrounding countries, several of which were previously part of the Empire. The navies, both merchant and military, have also been boosted, giving Tropilium a presence once more around the coast. There have also been claims, that members of the merchant navy, have been gathering information, on various countries. This is of course a lie, as Tropilium employs vast numbers of spies to do this work.

The Army is lead by the Eagle Legionnaries (centre), flanked here by the heavy cavalry and the armoured archers.

Here are the Auxiliaries and the light scout cavalry.

And finally the support from the skirmishing slingers and the Tropilium Artillery.

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