Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Summer 988 - The Battle of Poirotium Vale

The Treyine army was confident when it drew up, even though the Brethren tribute had failed to show. They would have strong words later about those missing spearmen. Facing them was a much reduced Tropilium army. The Wizard Pherros was still alive and General Pheeassko was now leading the army, following the untimely demise of his predecessor. He was not looking forward to the task ahead of him.

We forgot to include the stand of Brethren Spearmen, so the Treyine army was one stand down, although I doubt it would actually have made any difference to the outcome. In story terms, this will have repercussions later in the campaign though.

The battle began with Pherros casting Air of Strength on the Tropilium foot to boost their morale, while the Treyine army advanced. The Tropilium skirmishers quickly occupied the heavy woods on their left flank, so Treyine archers and knights wheeled to advance on them.

Threatened by the advance of the knights and fearing the power of the longbows, the Tropilium skirmishers fled the field. Meanwhile, the Treyine army had advanced within bowshot and begun firing from the top of the hill in front of the Tropilium line, breaking it up into separate units. The Treyine left flank was advancing as fast as possible to turn on the enemy flank at the same time.

With the skirmishers gone, Sir Geoffrey's knights and the Ekran levy knights turned towards the main battle. The Tropilium army had fared badly in the fierce fighting and only General Pheeassko's bodyguard remained. They were giving a good account of themselves and were wearing Lord De La Warre's foot knights down slowly.

A shout went up. Lord De La Warre had fallen. The enemy rejoiced, but, contrary to expectations the Treyine army did not rout from the field. Instead they sought vengeance for their fallen lord. This was too much for General Pheeassko and he fled the field.

The Treyine general was wounded in the melee, but all of the Treyine army passed its Leader Lost test and fought on. Sir Geoffrey Chambers, the mercenary knight, has a war rating, so he became the new general on the field. Lord De La Warre suffered a result of wounded. He is not dead but will not take to the field for three campaign turns. Steve really thought he had me when he downed my general, but the last picture shows his dice's view on the matter. Double sixes on the test meant that his troops routed while my own stood firm.

Permanent Losses:
1 Infantry

1 Slinger
1 Auxiliary Archer
1 Auxiliary (Mixed)
1 Legionary

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