Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Desolation of Naz-Goth

 This battle was a fairly quick one, just two turns per side. The Orcs tried to gain some cover from the Archers by forming up in the woods. See for yourself how well it worked. (I also tried another style of report. Good old Comic book, using Microsoft Paint and some downloaded fonts.)

See what happens when you self edit? Cavalry on the Left!

 So Treyine marches ever on. I want to see what happens when they come upon an equally sized and armored force. Dansforth hid with the Arquebusiers and I just didn't think any magic was needed. The two questions I have are, what is the movement rate for a hero, and do heroes recover after the battle or is Hogash captured?

In the future I'd like to try another video AAR, maybe with comic book influences and try one that is more like a comic book page layout. Cheers. Oh, and if you care to read about it you can look at my failed project to actually game this one with figures here and the subsequent posts where it all went wrong.

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  1. Excellent report!
    And don't worry about the figures. It happens to me all the time :)


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