Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Autumn 991 - The Battle of DunDunDoomb

The Black Moon Dwarven kingdom of Bal-a-Tor was sick of the sanctimonious preaching of their Red Sun neighbours, the Dwarven Kingdom of Drum, so they did what any other Dwarven nation would do: they invaded them. The plains of DunDunDoomb on the border of Drum were flat with a few small hills and both armies deployed in the open ground. The Drummers had their soldiers on the left and in the centre with their crossbowdwarves on the right. The Bal-a-Tories had their soldiers on the right with the Servants of Null to their left and their crossbowdwarves on the far left.
The battle began with the whole Drum army advancing while the Bal-a-Tories detached their crossbowdwarves to skirmish on the left.
While the rest of the Bal-a-Tor army advanced at a steady pace the Servants of Null charged forward, just failing to make contact with the Drum army, which quickly charged into contact with them. The Bal-a-Tory crossbowdwarves were dispatched swiftly by the Drum crossbowdwarves.
Then the two main battle lines clashed. The Drummers took heavier casualties but their superior discipline held, while the Bal-a-Tories had their line broken up by retreating troops. The Servants of Null managed to drive off one of the Drum crossbowdwarf units.
As the Drum crossbowdwarves advanced behind the enemy line, the battle heated up. The Drummers were taking heavy casualties but it was the Bal-a-Tories whose discipline was not holding and several units were driven back or routed.
Then the Bal-a-Tory general was driven off and several of his units went with him. Only the Servants of Null and an isolated soldier unit remained. Victory looked assured for Drum.
Unfortunately it was not to be. The isolated Drum unit was fresh and on the flank of the remains of the Drum line. It charged and rolled up the line, routing the Drum general in the process. The remainder of the Drum army decided that enough was enough and fled as fast as their little stumpy legs could carry them.
Victory went to the Bal-a-Tor army. It had taken very heavy casualties but it held the field and was able to march on the capital of Drum immediately. The nation of Drum was no more.


  1. Wow, that is a surprising victory. Looks like it was a good game.

  2. It was a great game. Steve was rolling high all the way through, while I rolled low. This meant that he inflicted heavier casualties but failed more tests, while I passed more but inflicted fewer casualties. It was the unhurt reserve that he accidentally left himself at the end that won it! I don't think Steve even realised what he had done, but he will tell you differently now!! :)


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