Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Winter 991 - Campaign Update

The Current SituationTreyine conquered Seniira and has now focused its attention on Naz-Goth. Mirish has annexed Lothgolin and looks set to deal with Gorath next. Altengard has avenged its defeat by the Capalan League. The Dwarves of Bal-a-Tor have annexed their Drum neighbours and Drum is no more.

Character Death Checks
Harold I of Tereken has died while on the toilet. The soiled spear found near his body indicates foul play! His son has claimed the throne.

Vittorio the Victorious has succumbed to wounds taken in battle. Altengard has been accused of using poisoned weapons.

Two wizards in the Tropilium army have succumbed to attacks of the vapours and are no more.

National Morale
All nations that were at war are still actively preparing to continue the wars

Magical Items
The Brethren control The Drums of Doom but have not passed them on to anyone else.
The Fiddle of Calling has been found in Zog-Rot by Treyine.
The Harlapane of Heroes has been found by Altengard.

The Brazier of Durman is controlled by Hykar.

Holy Relics
Treyine controls The Spear of St Lindorf. 
The Book of the Hungry Moon has been lost but will return in Spring 993.
Mirish controls The Crystal Light of Yakub.
The current state of the world:

New Armies
No new armies are joining the campaign this winter.

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