Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Spring 992 - The Battle of Roundwood Down

To Brother Father Cedric
Harbottle Preceptory

My dearest Cedders,

Congratulations upon your change of title. Is that a promotion or just a recognition of your manly attributes? Your Brethren and Treyine ways truly are a mystery to me. I am sorry that I have been unable to reach you at your preceptory yet. It appears that I and my bodyguard have been conscripted into the Treyine army. It is all dashed awkward, although the latest outing was rather jolly. Lord de la Warre seemed to be rather too hungover in this battle and it led to all sorts of complications. Initially he deployed the army too far back, leading to an awkward moment or two, especially when that jolly rascal Hogash came racing over from the Naz-Goth lines to challenge Sir Alaric to a duel.
The Orcs advance while the Treyine troops lurk behind their stakes
It was all frightfully dashing with Sir Alaric fighting by the Comte de Queensberry's rules, but the Orcish hoodlum was really rather too much for the old chap, who succumbed to a boot in the vitals and a knife in the eye. Poor fellow. He was really jolly decent for a man. Of course, that led to some of the girls getting a bit carried away and galloping around in circles instead of dealing with the Orcish oik.

Hogash lays into Sir Geoffrey's men
And kills Sir Alaric before seeing off all the others in the area
Hogash really was quite remarkable. He routed Sir Geoffrey Chambers and his entire White Company but he got carried away a tad chasing after them. I think there was something about making them wear pink, frilly knickers or some such. When he turned around and returned to the fray, I had gathered my girls together once more and we quickly showed him what's what.
Barbax and the girls prepare to show Hogash what's what.
While this was going on, Lord de la Warre had apparently ordered the advance, while the rest of the Orcish army had occupied Roundwoods.

The Treyine troops were quick to take the fight to the enemy and soon had shot their arrows and were engaged in melee. If I recall correctly the shouting and screaming made it sound like a tremendous lark. It's a shame we were engaged in taking prisoners and tidying up our side of the battlefield. That reminds me. Hogash says he would love to meet you. I think he is adapting to life in our camp now and I am fairly sure that Lord de la Warre is not aware of him in our tents. Of course, I doubt he would recognise him now anyway. We don't let Hogash too near anything sharp just in case he hurts himself.

So, Cedders, the battle went on, the archers soon tired of the melee and slid back through the lines of the billmen, who took up the fight and all ended well for us.
The last of the Orcs surrender
The Orcs were driven back and all is well. I believe that our march will carry us near Harbottle. I may not be able to leave the army permanently just yet, but I shall certainly try to slip over to you and introduce you to my daughter. She is really looking forward to meeting you and I cannot wait to try Griselda's famous floury baps. Everything you have told me about them makes me look forward to them.


I played this one poorly as the Treyine (and rolled poorly with regard to Sir Alaric) but managed to pull it back from the edge by virtue of having more disposable troops than Steve did as the Orcs. I let the archers soak up hits from the Orcs while weakening them and then threw the billmen into the melee. This turned out to be a good choice that led to the destruction of the Orcs. Job done. Treyine lost its hero permanently. The Orcs lost a stand of archers and their hero, who left after the battle.


  1. Nice battle report. Pity about Sir Alaric but at least Hogash got some payback. Your Treyine tactic seemed similar to mine, except I didn't have the archers fall back, I'm not exactly sure how that works game mechanic wise.

    1. Sorry for the double post. What is the font you start out with. I like it and could use it as an official Talomir Tales font.

    2. The font in the picture is Autorealm Mentelin. I think it came with Autorealm mapping software when I downloaded that.

      Yes, poor Sir Alaric. He had more dice than Hogash but rolled worse throughout.

      The archers falling back was represented by them routing! Basically, I could have added a rule to permit interpenetration when they were pushed back, but in actual fact it probably works well enough leaving things as is and having them disrupt the enemy before the second-line melee troops, who are fresh, get stuck in.

  2. I'm fearing the worst thinking who's going to be attacked by Treyine next season.
    Good report. Yay for the Orcs, Treyine sucks!


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