Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Spring 992 - Campaign Update

Spring is here, and with it young warriors' minds turn to conquest and avenging the wrongs of last year. This Spring sees the enforced peace between Tropilium and Treyine at an end. Likewise, Hykar and Mirish are no longer involved in an enforced peace.

The Abyss is now a player nation using the custom undead army list on the New Armies Page.

Magic-User Availability

Mangu recruits 1 L1 Magic-User.
Mirish recruits 1 L1 Magic-User.
Stygustan recruits 2 L1 Magic-Users and 1 L2 Magic-User.
Tropilium recruits 1 L1 Magic-User.
Valkae recruits 2 L1 Magic-Users and 1 L2 Magic-User.

Hero Availability
Bal-a-Tor recruits a hero.
Gorath recruits a hero.
Valkae recruits a hero.

Mercenary Availability
Capalan League recruits a unit of Brethren.
Mirish recruits the Black Company.
Treyine recruits a unit of Eskelin Knights.
Tropilium recruits a unit of Hykar Cavalry.

Going to War
Altengard invades the Capalan League.
Mirish invades Gorath.
Treyine invades Naz-Goth.
Stygustan invades Mangu.
Northern Tropilium invades Hykar.
Tereken invades Mirholme.

The situation at the start of Spring:

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