Friday, 4 January 2013

Carnival 992 - The Final, Tilt 1

Welcome to the final of Carnival 992. I'm sure you will agree that it has been an exciting and eventful Carnival but it draws to a close and what better way to close out the carnival than a joust between two of the finest nights in Talomir, Sir Robin and Sir Tanty. So, without further ado, let us repair to the lists, where our two brave knights are waiting to begin. Before we start, I would like to highly recommend Boniface Tinkerson's pickled otters' noses. Just the treat you need with your jousting.
Kick Phase
Both knights set off at a steady gallop towards each other. There is nothing dramatic about this as each demonstrates a calmness and skill that sets them apart from the others.
Charge Phase
As they approach, Sir Tanty sets up well and gains a good angle of attack over Sir Robin.
Clash Phase
Despite Sir Tanty's tactical manoeuvring, it is Sir Robin who strikes a solid blow against Sir Tanty, putting everything he has into it. Sir Robin breaks his lance against Sir Tanty's shield. Sir Tanty reels in the saddle and is nearly unhorsed (Battered, -2P). Sir Robin scores the first point.

Bonus Dice recovered
Sir Robin = 8
Sir Tanty = 11

Bonus Dice for next round
Sir Robin = 8
Sir Tanty = 13

Sir Robin = 1
Sir Tanty = 0

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