Friday, 4 January 2013

Carnival 992 - The Final, Tilt 2

Sir Robin leads 1-0 as we go into the second tilt. Sir Tanty is not so steady in the saddle as he was. The crowd is tucking into its vole's ears inna bun (sponsored by Griselda's Bakery of Harbottle). The knights are ready.
Kick Phase
Both knights set off at a steady gallop again.
Charge Phase
As they close on each other Sir Tanty once more prepares better than Sir Robin and lines up a sweep attack.
Clash Phase
In his signature move, Sir Robin throws everything he has into the final clash, risking everything for the sake of a dramatic finish, while Sir Tanty retains a little in reserve for the next tilt. Sir Robin lands a solid blow on Sir Tanty's chest. He breaks his lance and Sir Tanty reels backwards in the saddle (Battered, -2P). Almost in slow motion, Sir Tanty desperately tries to cling to the saddle but the strength of Sir Robin's blow was too great. He topples sideways and lands awkwardly on his shoulder. The crowd roars its approval at seeing a noble brought low into the mud. Chants of "Sir Robin" roar about the lists. Sir Robin has won and is given the golden laurel wreath of the Champion of Talomir.

Sir Robin gains 15 Fame and 1500 Florins for defeating Sir Tanty.
For winning the tournament he gains 15 fame and 1500 Florins.
Sir Tanty gains 7 Fame and 750 Florins for coming second.
Sir Tenley gains 3 Fame and 375 Florins for coming third.

Final Score
Sir Robin = 7
Sir Tanty = 0

Final Rankings
Sir Robin (Fame 59, 20900 Florins) = 16 points
Sir Tanty (Fame 37, 17250 Florins) = 9 points
Sir Tenley (19 Fame, 15475 Florins) = 8 points
Sir Enda (0 Fame, 11800 Florins) = 2 points
Lord Javier (0 Fame, 13600 Florins) = 0 points
Lord Reynardo (0 Fame, 13600 Florins) = 0 points

Earl Yurgutz (Fame 0, 15000 Florins)

Lord Edmund


  1. It was obviously rigged..... Seriously though, thanks Ruarigh for putting on the tourney and the extra effort that went in to it and I look forward to next year when Sir Tanty can seek to correct the injustice that was done to his honour. :D

  2. The stewards are investigating claims of joust-rigging. In this respect they wish to question one 'Flash' Guido, who has escaped custody once more. They are also investigating claims that one of the knights, who took part in the tournament was actually dead before it began. The Marquis of Blueberry's Rules of Jousting state that a knight shall be disqualified if his opponent is dead at the end of any tilt. If it proves to be the case that one of the knights was already dead before the tournament started then, under this rule, all of his opponents are disqualified automatically, unless a special stewards' ruling is agreed and enforced to the effect that the knight has to die during the tilt.

  3. Great ornament and congratulations to the winner! Has anyone seen Sir Tenley?

  4. Last I heard he was heading west. He had heard rumours about the nature of the 'special' feasts that the Emperor of Mirish holds for those that do not win. I think it was the wording of the invitation. Something about 'come for dinner' not meaning that Sir Tenley would get to eat anything ...

  5. The Ambassador of the Abyss,volunteers to 'bury' the body of Lord Edmund and give him the send off he deserves.

  6. Sir Tenley bids adieu.


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