Thursday, 3 January 2013

Carnival 992 - Round 3

We have seen two phenomenal jousts that went down to the last tilt in the semi-finals. Our two brave knights are girding their loins for the final.
Sir Robin will face Sir Tanty in the final for the title of Champion of Talomir. This promises to be an epic battle between two titanic knights, who have proven themselves to be the greatest of the flower of chivalry. Before this joust starts, let us remind ourselves of those that have fallen to their lances.

Lord Edmund of March, killed by the thuggish knight Earl Yurgutz (Fame 0, 15000 Florins).
Lord Javier de Herrero (Fame 0, 13600 Florins), unseated by Sir Tanty in the first round.
Lord Reynardo Massimiano di Bertolli (Fame 0, 13400 Florins), defeated by Sir Robin.
Sir Enda O'Relse (Fame 0, 11800 Florins), defeated by Sir Tenley Dewmed, but given a second chance by the Orcish knight, Earl Yurgutz's disqualification, but then roundly defeated by Sir Tanty.
Sir Tenley Dewmed (Fame 16, 15100 Florins), doomed to defeat at the hands of Sir Robin.

These are the greatest knights in all of Talomir but their skill is nothing compared to that of Sir Robin (Fame 29, 17900 Florins) and Sir Tanty (Fame 30, 18000 Florins).

We now break for a short announcement from our sponsor, His Majesty King Edward IV of Treyine ...


  1. Anyone know the conversion rate from Florins to Gold Talos?

  2. I reckon you could ask 'Flash' Guido. He could probably help you out. :)

  3. I just called them 1 to 1 equivalent. The hardest part was remembering to call them Talos. But honestly I don't know the buying power of a Talos, perhaps WH: Legends would inform me.


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