Tuesday, 29 January 2013

No Love Lost - Tropilium Blood Flows

"Ha ha ha!" the Mirish Prince laughed loudly. " How can we lose? The Tropilium fools kill one another while we relax."

General Pereira kept quiet as the Prince continued to laugh. "Fools like him cause these wars and we fight them," he thought to himself.

"General! Why so serious?"

"Sorry, sire,"Pereira lied. "I have much to do for your Father and little time to do it. If I may take my leave."

"Yes, yes," the Prince replied with a hand gesture.

"Oh yes, sire. The Tropilium army was victorious."

"It does not matter, general," the Prince had already moved on his next conquest, the new girl in his Harem. As Pereira bowed and left the Prince thought to himself..."That man must be dealt with and soon."

This battle was between the Northern Tropilium army and a slightly larger Tropilium force. More than half of the table contained gullies and the Northern Tropilium army used one of them to anchor their right flank.
The plan was to absorb the first Tropilium attack then counter-attack with fresh troops.

 The battle opens with ballistae fire doing damage to the Northern Tropilium right flank. This was followed up by a Blast spell causing the opposing ballistae to flee.

The Northern Tropilum wizard countered with a blast of his own forcing the Tropilium ballistae to stop firing.
The damage from the attack was so great that the Northern Tropilium commander decided it would be best to get stuck in than to allow the fire to continue unabated.

 The two lines met and the fighting was particularly brutal. Both sides kept rolling at least one "1" so they stood in melee for multiple turns.

Finally when both sides simultaneously routed the Northern Tropilium line fled with the bloodied Tropilium units standing their ground. Meanwhile the commanders of both sides maneuvered to the flank and engaged in  melee. Sadly the Northern Tropilium commander retired and the rout was on.

 The newly reinforced Tropilium infantry charged the terrified Northern Tropilium second class infantry who fled on contact.
Luckily the Tropilium army had suffered enough casualties to shorten the pursuit with the North Troplilum army losing only a ballistae.

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  1. The rebellious colonials in Northern Tropilium have been put in their place. Northern Tropilium morale has collapsed completely and they are now once more loyal vassals of Tropilium. A triumph has been held in Tropilium and the leaders of the recent unpleasantness have been shorn of all hair, tarred and feathered before being sent home on a rail.


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