Thursday, 3 January 2013

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Sir Enda, Tilt 1

Welcome to the second semi-final joust between Sir Tanty and Sir Enda for the remaining place in the final. Sir Tanty is known for his strength of will and sheer perseverance, which has seen him survive many jousts that would have seen off a lesser knight. Sir Enda is an experienced jouster though and can be expected to use his superior skill to great effect. We look forward to an earth-shaking bout.
Kick Phase
Sir Enda sets off at a run. He is eager to close quickly with Sir Tanty who adopts a more sedate gallop upon the approach.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 14
Sir Enda = 12
Charge Phase
Both knights are careful as they close. Each conserve their energy but Sir Tanty gains the advantage as he gets a good angle of attack on this run.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 13
Sir Enda = 10
Clash Phase
Both knights suddenly exert themselves as they close but Sir Tanty does better and lands a solid blow on his opponent.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 7
Sir Enda = 7

It's a hit on the shield. Sir Enda rocks in the saddle as Sir Tanty breaks his lance (Battered, -1P). The knights ride to the end of the lists and turn for the next tilt.

Bonus Dice recovered
Sir Tanty = 5
Sir Enda = 5

Sir Tanty = 1
Sir Enda = 0

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