Thursday, 3 January 2013

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Sir Enda, Tilt 3

With Sir Enda reeling the saddle, the crowd cheers for Sir Tanty to finish him off.
Kick Phase
Sir Tanty sets off under control this time, but Sir Enda appears too tired to get his horse to move faster than a gallop.
Charge Phase
Neither knight is able to gain an advantage in the charge.
Clash Phase
As they close, both knights strike home. Can Sir Enda do enough to win the joust, or is this final effort a case of too little too late?

Sir Tanty strikes Sir Enda on the shield once more. His aim is true and steady. Once more he breaks his lance and rocks Sir Enda in the saddle (Battered, -1P).

Sir Enda strikes Sir Tanty on the helm! His lance breaks and Sir Tanty is rocked back in the saddle (Battered, -1P, -1M). It is too little too late. Sir Tanty wins 3-1 and goes through to the final of the joust.

Sir Tanty gains 16 Fame and 1600 Florins.

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  1. Wow, I expected to read that Sir Tanty's head had been impaled on the lance.


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