Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Spring 993 - Campaign Update

Spring has arrived and the nations of Talomir are busily recruiting for the forthcoming conflicts that are inevitable given the differences between each nation. It would appear that Magic-Users are popular recruits this year while mercenaries have declined in popularity.

The Book of the Hungry Moon has reappeared in Orcish hands and the Orcs place it at the disposal of their general immediately.

Magic User Availability
The Abyss [Undead] recruits 1 Level 3 Magic-User.
Capalan League recruits 1 Level 1 Magic-User.
Mangu recruits 2 more Level 1 Magic-Users and 1 Level 2 Magic-User.
Mirish recruits a Level 1 Magic-User.
Naz-Goth [Orcs] recruits 1 Level 2 Magic-User.
Northern Tropilium recruits 1 Level 1 Magic-User.
Stygustan recruits 2 level 1 Magic-Users.
Tereken recruits 1 Level 2 Magic-User and 1 Level 3 Magic-User.

Hero Availability
Altengard recruits a hero.
Mirish recruits a hero.

Mercenary Availability
Capalan League recruits 1 Eskelin Knights
Treyine recruits 1 Hykar Cavalry

Going to War (Aggressor is listed first)
Altengard invades Valkae with part of its army.
Capalan League invades both Tereken and Altengard.
Mangu invades The Abyss (Undead)
Tropilium invades Northern Tropilium.
Mountain Giants have emerged from the mountains in Naz-Goth and are choosing to begin a campaign of conquest there.

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