Thursday, 3 January 2013

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Sir Enda, Tilt 2

Sir Enda is a little unsteady in the saddle as he turns for the next bout.
Kick Phase
Despite his unsteadiness, Sir Enda has his horse running down the lists and completely under control. Sir Tanty is clearly becoming overconfident and is not properly in control of his horse. It heads off at a run instead of the controlled gallop that Sir Tanty used last time.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 10
Sir Enda = 10
Charge Phase
Once more both knights are careful on the approach, and once more Sir Tanty manages to line up for a good angle of attack.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 7
Sir Enda = 7
Clash Phase
Once more Sir Tanty dominates Sir Enda completely, scoring a hit, while Sir Enda can only try to protect himself.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tanty = 3
Sir Enda = 3

Sir Tanty hits Sir Enda on the shield again. His lance breaks and Sir Enda reels in the saddle once more (Battered, -1P). How much more of this can he take?

Bonus Dice recovered
Sir Tanty = 5
Sir Enda = 7

Sir Tanty = 2
Sir Enda = 0

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