Friday, 28 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Enda, 1st Tilt

Sir Tenley Dewmed must face Sir Enda O'Relse. Both are known for being rash young knights, given to charging first and thinking second.
Kick Phase
Chaaarrrrgeee! With a whoop and a holler both knights kick their horses hard and each responds at speed, although Sir Enda's horse appears faster than Sir Tenley's.
Sir Tenley has 15 bonus dice remaining.
Sir Enda has 14 bonus dice remaining.
Charge Phase
The honours remain even as neither knight gains an advantage in the charge.
Sir Tenley has 12 bonus dice remaining.
Sir Enda has 9 bonus dice remaining.
Clash Phase
The coming together of the two knights at speed is rather a disappointment. Neither has the advantage and neither is able to couch his lance properly. They pass without a strike. The crowd boos!

Sir Tenley has 11 bonus dice remaining.
Sir Enda has 5 bonus dice remaining.

Each recovers 1 bonus die in this tilt.
Sir Tenley recovers 1 bonus die at the end of the lists.
Sir Enda recovers 6 dice.

Sir Tenley has 13 bonus dice for the next tilt.
Sir Enda has 12 bonus dice for the next tilt.

No points were scored.

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