Friday, 28 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Robin versus Lord Reynardo, 1st Tilt

Sir Robin must face Lord Reynardo. Both are strong warriors so this promises to be a tense bout, although Lord Reynardo's bombastic nature may cow the mild-mannered janitor Sir Robin.
Kick Phase
Sir Robin and Lord Reynardo both kick their horses into a gallop. The ground thunders beneath the hooves of their chargers.
Sir Robin has 15 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Reynardo has 12 bonus dice remaining.
Charge Phase
Both knights do their best, but neither is able to gain an advantage.

Sir Robin has 9 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Reynardo has 5 bonus dice remaining.
Clash Phase
Lord Reynardo fumbles his lance as he froths into his beard. Sir Robin is unphased. He may not be as brave as Sir Lancelot but his bravery is enough and he lands a solid blow on Lord Reynardo.

Sir Robin has 0 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Reynardo has 0 bonus dice remaining.

Sir Robin's attack hits Lord Reynardo in the right arm. He breaks his own lance, scoring a point, while Lord Reynardo is Bloodied (-3P) and drops his lance, scoring Sir Robin a further 2 points. Despite his wounds, Lord Reynardo decides to continue.

At the ends of the lists both knights collect new lances and turn to face their opponent for the next tilt.
Sir Robin recovers 7 bonus dice.
Lord Reynardo recovers 8 bonus dice.

Sir Robin - 3 points
Lord Reynardo - 0 points

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