Thursday, 27 December 2012

Winter 992 - Campaign Update

The final campaigning season of the year has seen more changes to the political geography of Talomir. Altengard continued its unstoppable progress through its neighbours, taking one third of the island nation of Valkae this season. Mirish, likewise proving to be a juggernaut trampling its weaker neighbours under its elephants' feet, crushed an incursion by Northern Tropilium. The Capalan League overcame recent difficulties to defeat Tereken. Treyine cut Tropilium in half, forcing the weaker empire to sue for peace. Meanwhile in the east the undead of The Abyss have massed and added the dwarven nations to their burgeoning kingdom. The stage is being set for an almighty clash of empires.
The Political Situation in Winter 992
Death Checks
Mangu: The Aluminium Khan has died. His successor is his eldest son, the Tin Khan (WR 4).
Stygustan: A freak accident leaves a lesser (L1) Mage permanently transformed into a toad.
Stygustan: A new pharaoh, Tuchmetutses (WR 2), has ascended to the throne.
Tropilium: An explosion in the cellar under a house of ill-repute in the suburbs of Tropilium leaves a L1 Mage  crushed under a rather large bed.

National Morale
No nations have failed their national morale this winter. All wars will continue when the weather gets better in the Spring.

Magic Items
Drums of Doom: Brethren
Fiddle of Calling: Treyine
Harlapane of Heroes: Altengard

Amulet of Sorbrowane: Not found yet.
Brazier of Durmun: Return in Autumn 994.
War Horn of Naz-Goth: Not found yet.

Holy Relics
Spear of St Lindorf: Treyine.
Book of the Hungry Moon: Return in Spring 993.
Crystal Light of Yakub: Mirish.

New Armies
No new armies have appeared.

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