Sunday, 2 December 2012

Autumn 992 - Campaign Update

Mirholme is no more. The brave Mirholmen warriors have been forced to bow to Tereken tyranny, or to flee overseas, seeking service as mercenaries in the armies of Talomir.

Mangu has repelled a Stygustan assault and taken the fight to the enemy, routing the Stygustan army in the field and seizing their land. This is not enough for the Aluminium Khan, but he is forced to hold to a peace treaty with Stygustan by the will of his people.

Naz Goth's ill-fated assault on Bal-a-Tor has failed, while that of the Liche King of the East has succeeded. The only thing that has saved Naz-Goth from further reprisals is the need of the dwarves to marshal all their forces against the Undead.

The soldiers of Altengard have repelled the fierce Valkae warrior-women, and now march against them across the sea to Valkae. The Capalan League has rallied over the summer and would seek to drive a wedge through Altengard territory but they must defend their own from yet another enemy, the Tereken nation.

Meanwhile, Treyine has cut the territory of Northern Tropilium in half, but peace has broken out, so they cannot pursue their gains further at this time.

National Morale
The Abyss loses 1 Morale with a freak dice roll
Bal-a-Tor loses 1 Morale with another freak dice roll
Naz-Goth loses 1 Morale
Northern Tropilium suffers a catastrophic failure of morale and surrenders to Treyine
Stygustan suffers a catastrophic failure of morale and surrenders to Mangu
All other nations retain their normal National Morale.

Autumn is the time for bringing in the harvest and grabbing those last bits of loot that you can. Clearly all the nations of Talomir but Tropilium are aware of this, and they are all doing their bit to grab what they can.

Continuing Wars (Invader first)
Capalan League versus Altengard
Altengard versus Valkae
The Abyss versus Bal-a-Tor
Bal-a-Tor versus Naz-Goth

New Wars (Invader first)
Northern Tropilium versus Mirish
Tereken versus Capalan
Treyine versus Tropilium

The Situation at the Start of Autumn

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  1. It troubles me deeply that our peaceful neighbors to the south have decided to attack us without provocation.


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