Friday, 28 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Enda, Tilt 2

After the last headlong rush at each other that was all sturm and no drang, the knights turn to try again.
Kick Phase
Sir Enda adopts a more sedate Gallop for this run, but Sir Tenley adopts a wild kicking approach to getting his horse moving that has it running at a Run rather than the Sprint he wanted.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tenley: 11
Sir Enda: 10
Charge Phase
Sir Enda manages to get his lance lined up for a good angle of attack.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tenley: 8
Sir Enda: 3
Clash Phase
Sir Tenley's mad rush and hasty attempt to engage his opponent has done him no favours. Sir Enda's calmer approach leads to him scoring a solid hit on Sir Tenley.

Bonus Dice remaining
Sir Tenley: 5
Sir Enda: 2

Sir Enda has struck Sir Tenley on the shield. Sir Enda's lance breaks on the shield and Sir Tenley reels in the saddle (Battered, -2P). Sir Enda scores 1 point and the joust will be decided by the third tilt.

Sir Tenley recovers 8 dice giving him 13 dice for the final tilt.
Sir Enda recovers 7 dice giving him 9 dice for the final tilt.

Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Enda = 1

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