Saturday, 29 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Round 2

With the death of Lord Edmund and the disqualification of Earl Yurgutz, the highest scoring loser will take Earl Yurgutz's place in the next round. Sir Enda O'Relse is the only knight to have scored any points and still lost, so he will joust again. Lord Reynardo, although badly wounded will live, but must sit out the rest of the tournament in the stands, being too weak from loss of blood to do much else.
The Tournament Tree
The winning knights are all equal on points at 6 apiece. Sir Enda has only 1 point. In the second round of this joust the matches are as follows:

  • Sir Tenley versus Sir Robin
  • Sir Enda versus Sir Tanty
My lords, please take your places at the ends of the lists.

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