Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Northern Tropilum Sunset

The view outside of General Pereira's tent.

"Damn him! Does he not ever lose!" the Prince asked to no one in particular.
"He is competent sire," the adviser replied. "The army has become quite fond of him."
"Fools led by spoils no doubt," the Prince said. "Pereira is becoming  a bit of a problem. I fear he may be outliving his usefulness."
"True my Lord, but Treyine grows stronger each day."
"Treyine is led by a dolt who comes from a  long line of dolts no doubt," spat the Prince. "And this Badenhorst? Can he be trusted?"
"Can any mercenary?"
"Then can he be turned to do our bidding if needed?"
The adviser shook his head. "I do not believe so. He and Pereira have a history of sorts."
"Fine, then send for Rashid, I may have need of his services."
"But sire, if Treyine..."
The Prince cut him off with a glare. "Do not overstep your role ...adviser. I said, get me Rashid.

 Northern Troplium was the attacker and terrain was clear except for a fordable river between the two armies. Significantly outnumbered the  Tropiliumites  chose a Static Defense with archers and engines to the front and supported by the melee troops. The newly appointed general was in the rear with the cavalry.

Mirish started with the Casters flinging fireballs at the engine who fired back but caused little damage. The Mirish army, missile troops to the front moved to the edge of the river and both sides  getting into a shooting match.
 Outnumbered the Tropiliumites saw their missile troops run from the continuous fire of archery and fire balls.  As this was happening the two cavalry wings were entering the river in hopes of outflanking the Tropilium forces.

 The Tropilium general shifted his second line to the right and charged at the head of his cavalry as the Mirish cavalry was still in the river. Brilliant plan but terrible execution ( and dice). The two cavalry forces fought at the river banks to a standstill. 

As the second Mirish caster was taken to the rear with exhaustion Shazam the Magnificent fired off another fireball, this time into an auxillary unit, which broke and ran. As the whole Mirish line entered the river the cavalry on the left broke the Tropilium cavalry who routed away. The Tropilium general fought valiantly receiving three wounds on the same turn.

The Tropilium infantry stood their ground and was charged by the victorious Mirish cavalry. After a vicious fight they also routed. As the enemy elephants rose up from the river the Northern Tropilium army dissolved.

The Mirish pursuit, aided by the overall low morale of the  Tropliumites, was devastating. 2 Legionaries, 2 Auxillaries and the engine were lost.


  1. Poor Northern Tropilium. One wonders how the Tropilium Empire was ever created with troops like this. This defeat has led to their total morale collapse and they have sued for peace with Mirish.

  2. Best laid plans and all. Like in my last battle. "If we can just catch those cavalry in the flank we'll have their whole army on the run." Famous last words of Gunnar Broadaxe.

  3. It appears the number of potential Treyine targets have been reduced to two, Mirish or Altengard unless they can reach Valkae as well.
    Ah the Spring looks interesting.

  4. Whoa, Mirish had already discovered electricity as you can notice by the lamp posts in the view in front of Pereira's tent ;-)
    BTW, Ruarigh told me recently he was plotting to make Treyine attack Mirish.

  5. Hey, Javier, just for letting the cat out of the bag, I shall instead plot to make Treyine attack Altengard!

    Ruarigh the Impartial Umpire

  6. Spring could be very interesting with Altengard engaged on two fronts. If Treyine goes to war and attacks Altengard, then they will be in trouble, I think. On the other hand, if Treyine goes to war with Mirish, or Mirish chooses to attack Treyine, then that will be a whole different lot of interesting. Treyine pretty much has a 50% chance of going to war at the moment, but that might change if there is a change of leadership in Treyine over the winter.

    Based on the figures now, Treyine's targets are as follows:
    Altengard: 1d6+1
    Mirish: 1d6+3
    High roller becomes the target.

    I look forward to seeing what happens next.

  7. In either case we need to figure out how to fight battles between two players. There's a few different ways and any will be fun.

  8. Go Mirish!!

    One method could be tell Ruarigh our deployments secretly and then let him play both sides. In case treyine is fighting a battle, Steve could command it or plays both sides as well.

  9. Go Mirish!!

    One method could be tell Ruarigh our deployments secretly and then let him play both sides. In case treyine is fighting a battle, Steve could command it or plays both sides as well.

  10. I had thought that Steve and I should play any battles involving two players. As a general rule, I could take the defenders and Steve the attackers. The players could email their deployments to us individually along with any instructions for the battle plan. They will then have to leave it with us and rely on us to try to implement their plan, although that may not always be easy. Once the battle starts properly, the players will need to trust us to try to do what is best. How does that sound?

  11. It sounds good but I'll be always defender then ;-)

  12. Sounds good to me. I'll take Steve whether defending or attacking. Proper deployment, tactics etc. will overcome bad die rolls. Besides, Treyine is easy to defeat. Bwahahahaha!

  13. Javier, you will have to refrain from invading other nations, if you wish to be the defender in every battle! I should probably have referred to invader and defender rather than attacker and defender, because the latter two refer to deployment on the table.

    Ed, the Treyine army says, "Come and 'ave a go, if you think yer 'ard enough!" ;-)


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