Saturday, 29 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Enda, Tilt 3

The final tilt between Sir Tenley and Sir Enda is tense. Sir Tenley is battered and Sir Enda is 1 point in the lead. Can Sir Tenley close the gap, or will his attempt to become the Champion of the Kingdoms fail?
Kick Phase
Sir Enda spurs his horse into a gallop and proceeds in an orderly fashion down the lists. Sir Tenley gets his reins knotted up with his lance and then has to kick wildly to get his horse moving. It proceeds at a Run down the lists, only slightly out of control.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 11
Sir Enda = 6
Charge Phase
In an astonishing display of dexterity and sheer luck Sir Tenley succeeds in lining up his lance for a straight attack, an action that clearly leaves his opponent flustered and unsure of himself. Perhaps Sir Tenley's earlier fumbling was more apparent than real, a clever ploy to lull Sir Enda into a false sense of security.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 6
Sir Enda = 4
Clash Phase
Sir Tenley makes good use of his momentary advantage and manages to land a blow on Sir Enda. Perhaps he really can take back the victory.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Enda = 0

Sir Tenley's lance strikes Sir Enda's chest. It breaks and Sir Tenley scores 1 point, but Sir Enda is driven by the force of the blow off the back of his horse. He is unhorsed! The crowd go wild!! HE DID IT!!! Sir Tenley is the winner!!!! Sir Tenley will go through to the next round.

Final Score
Sir Tenley = 6
Sir Enda = 1

Sir Tenley gains:
16 Fame
1600 Florins

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  1. "There is no truth to the rumors that Sir Tenley took a dive in the first two runs to affect the betting odds for the final run."

    Sir Tenley's Squire Guido.


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