Saturday, 29 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Robin, Tilt 1

It is round two of the joust. Sir Tenley and Sir Robin both won their previous jousts with 6 points each. They are equal on points, but are they equal in the lists? Well, joust fans, you are about to find out.
The two knights are recovered from the exertions of their previous jousts, although neither really seemed to exert himself that much. The stewards are currently pursing an enquiry into bet-rigging by one Squire 'Flash' Guido, who apparently serves Sir Tenley in some capacity, but it is not expected to go anywhere. So, on with the joust ...
Kick Phase
Sir Tenley is obviously not keen on meeting Sir Robin, for he starts at a Trot. He is clearly more focused on controlling his approach. Sir Robin adopts the standard Gallop pace, earning the approval of the audience.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 13
Sir Robin = 15
Charge Phase
Sir Tenley utterly outrides Sir Robin in his slow progress up the lists, proving that he was born in the saddle. In doing so he manages to line his lance up for a straight-on attack.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 6
Sir Robin = 10
Clash Phase
The final approach sees both knights at their martial best, but Sir Robin's enthusiastic and committed approach in this part regains him some of the advantage he lost in the charge. Both knights strike their opponent and the lists are shaken with the impact. Ladies gasp. Lords cheer. The peasants love it. This is what they came for.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Robin = 0

Sir Tenley strikes Sir Robin in the chest. He breaks his lance. Sir Robin is shaken (Battered, -2P). Sir Tenley scores 1 point. Sir Robin strikes Sir Tenley on the right arm wounding him (Battered, -2P). He too breaks his lance and scores 1 point.

Sir Tenley = 1
Sir Robin = 1

Sir Tenley recovers 8 bonus dice.
Sir Robin recovers 9 bonus dice.


  1. "Oh, it looks bad for Sir Tenley. Anyone care to bet on Sir Robin? I'll take Tenley but I gotta have 3 to 1 odds."

    Squire Guido

  2. 'Flash' Guido has been sighted near the lists. Security, move to apprehend the suspect for interrogation.


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