Saturday, 29 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Tenley versus Sir Robin, Tilt 2

An important notice from the joust's sponsors: The individual known as 'Flash' Guido has been sighted near the lists. Do not accept any bets with this person. He is under investigation for joust-rigging and failure to pay any taxes to his lord ever.
The honours are even as the two knights take their places at the end of the lists.
Kick Phase
Both knights spur their horses towards a gallop, but Sir Robins balks and will only Trot down the lists instead.

Bonus dice remaining
Sir Tenley = 8
Sir Robin = 9
Charge Phase
Sir Tenley's skill in the saddle shows once more as he gains a slight advantage over Sir Robin and lines up for a Sweep Attack.

Bonus dice remaining
Sir Tenley = 5
Sir Robin = 9
Clash Phase
Once more Sir Robin risks all on a final aggressive assault with his lance and this time it pays off. He lands a solid blow on Sir Tenley.

Bonus dice remaining
Sir Tenley = 0
Sir Robin = 0

Sir Robin's lance hits Sir Tenley's shield square on. He breaks his lance and scores 1 more point, winding Sir Tenley again in the process.

Sir Tenley recovers 6 Bonus Dice.
Sir Robin recovers 6 Bonus Dice.

Sir Robin = 2
Sir Tenley = 1

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