Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Autumn 992 - The Battle of the Plains of Blood

"Blimey, there ain't many of 'em," said Archer Nibbs, "Plucky beggars, eh."
"Too right, Nibbs," growled Archery Sergeant Turnip, "But they'll still 'ave yer eye out wi' them ballista thingies. Now keep yer eye on the target an' quit yer yakkin'. The nobs 'ave said that Tropilium wants our wimmen an' we ain't gonna let that 'appen."
"They could 'ave my wife, Sarge," mused Nibbs, "An' they'd regret it to their dyin' day, just like I 'ave."
Then the command came through to advance and all conversation dried up.
The two armies deployed on the open plain.

The Tropilium commander ordered his cavalry on a flank march, while his skirmishers marched around the other flank to harrass the Treyine lines. A small detachment of archers was deployed to deal with the skirmishers, while the Treyine cavalry formed up on the Treyine flank.
The Treyine cavalry made short work of the Tropilium cavalry routing most of it and driving the rest back. This created a hole in the Tropilium lines for a flying column to exploit.
With the Tropilium skirmishers engaged in a dance with Treyine archers, and the Tropilium cavalry dealt with, the Treyine army advanced on the Tropilium infantry and prepared to close their wings on the Tropilium flank.

Caught between Treyine infantry to their front and cavalry to their rear, the Tropilium infantry had nowhere to go. They fought bravely but futilely. All that remained for Treyine was to tend to the wounded and bury the dead.
 "Blimey, Sarge," wheezed Nibbs, "I'm knackered. Those Tropilium skirmishers must be half gazelle."
"Shurrup, Nibbs, and grab what you can from what they left," ordered Turnip, "It's what you came for after all."

I'm not sure Tropilium really stood a chance in this battle, although Steve's poor dice-rolling certainly did not help. He had a good coven of wizards but the spells just did not work well. There was a nasty moment when he landed an artillery shot on the Treyine general's element, but the general survived unscathed, and that was probably the worst of it for Treyine.

Following the battle, Tropilium sued for peace, so, once more Tropilium and Treyine have forged a truce.


  1. I have yet to see anyone give Treyine a run for their money.

  2. The problem with Treyine is that the nation has got too large, which gives it the numbers. The massed archers are very effective when used well too, and the presence of the Spear of St Lindorf in the army makes the army much more effective. I think that Treyine would suffer more if it were the non-player army in a solo game. I also think that Altengard and Mirish both have the potential to give the Treyine army a run for their money, although the final result may well depend upon whether it is a solo game or not and what the dice decide the Treyine army should do.

    Oh yes, and the other problem with Treyine is that the figures are mine, so I tend to run the army, which means that their enemy tends to suffer from Steve's chronically poor dice rolling.

    I think that the key to taking Treyine out is staying off their radar and building up a large army by conquering many small and weak nations. Multiple attackers on Treyine would also help defeat them, but could leave one of the attackers in a poor state while the other nation gains in strength. Unfortunately for Treyine, the latest plan for domination was totally spoilt by Tropilium surrendering too soon!

  3. We could all attack Treyine at the same time. Regretfully we're generals not kings.

  4. There are other ways to handle the Treyine menace. When the time comes Pereira will be in touch. If he survives the night :)

  5. Pereira may survive the night, but he might also choose to strike out on his own. A commission as a general in the Treyine army might suit one of his sensibilities! ;)


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