Friday, 28 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Tanty versus Lord Javier, 1st Tilt

Here we are for the first of the today's jousts. Sir Tanty rides confidently into the lists to face Lord Javier, who shows no fear.
Kick Phase
Both knights kick their horses into a gallop and charge down the lists towards each other.
Sir Tanty has 15 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Javier has 12 bonus dice remaining
Charge Phase
Sir Tanty puts his all into the charge and lines up his lance for a straight attack.
Sir Tanty has 8 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Javier has 10 bonus dice remaining.
Clash Phase
Sir Tanty scores a solid blow against Lord Javier.
Sir Tanty has 3 bonus dice remaining.
Lord Javier has 4 bonus dice remaining.

Sir Tanty's attack hits Lord Javier on the shield and breaks his lance. Lord Javier is unhorsed. This round is over. Sir Tanty is the winnner with 6 points. He will pass through to the next round.

Sir Tanty gains:
14 Fame
1400 Florins


  1. Ouch! At this level the jousts are over quick.

  2. Not all of them! See the other posts!! :-)

  3. Umm, it was my dice, Javier. They were out to get you. Clearly they are planning to isolate me from all my friends and then get me. Yes, that's it. :)

    I must admit that I was surprised that the first joust should end so decisively after the first tilt.


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