Friday, 28 December 2012

Winter 992 - Carnival

Winter is a time of the Black Moon in Talomir. The powers of darkness hold sway over the land, but the solstice is a time of great celebration. It is a dark time, but the turning of the Red Sun shows that light will return to the land. Each year at this time the various nations celebrate in their own way. In Mirholme, the people feast and fight, and young men undergo the rites of passage into manhood. In Barylistan the circuses put on their most elaborate shows. In Treyine and much of the north, it is a time for the great tournaments. The illegal fighting pits put on their most vicious shows, while above ground the knights of the north show their mettle in the lists for the entertainment of the masses and to practice for the forthcoming campaigning season. Despite the wars that rage, Carnival is a time of peace and all are welcome. This year the grand tournament has been hard fought. Many a knight has taken a dunt to the head that has seen him or her take to their bed for a day or three. Only eight knights remain in the tournament and excitement is at fever pitch. These knights are:
Heraldry of the knights

  • Sir Tenley Dewmed (Mirish, 15AP, Born in the Saddle)
  • Sir Enda O'Relse (Border Kingdoms, 16AP)
  • Lord Reynardo Massimiano di Bertolli (Capalan League, 14AP, Warrior)
  • Lord Edmund of March (Treyine, 15AP)
  • Lord Javier de Herrero (Altengard, 14AP)
  • Earl Yurgutz (Naz Goth, 15AP, Ladies' Favourite)
  • Sir Robin the Not Quite so Brave as Sir Lancelot (Tereken, 15AP, Warrior)
  • Sir Tanty (The Abyss, 15AP, Strong-Willed)
These final rounds are a knock-out tournament. Each knight has had his opponent chosen by lot and the winner of each joust will go through to the next round, with only one knight to remain at the end. This knight will be crowned the champion of all Talomir.

Sir Tenley Dewmed versus Sir Enda O'Relse
Sir Robin the Not Quite so Brave as Sir Lancelot versus Lord Reynardo
Massimiano di Bertolli
Earl Yurgutz versus Lord Edmund of March
Sir Tanty versus Lord Javier de Herrero

Stay tuned for exciting jousting action. The crowds here are already chanting for their favourites, and it would appear that Earl Yurgutz, the Orcish contender, is a firm favourite of the ladies! Ooh, there goes the Stygustani wave again ...

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