Saturday, 29 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Earl Yurgutz versus Lord Edmund, Tilt 1

The fourth joust of the third round features the Orcish champion, Earl Yurgutz, versus the flower of chivalry from Treyine, Lord Edmund of March. Can manners overcome might?
As the knights approach the lists, Earl Yurgutz waves to the crowd and the screams of the female fans drown out all other noise for a while. His horse stamps impatiently.
Kick Phase
Earl Yurgutz retains one bonus die thanks to the encouragement of his female fans. He is, after all, the Ladies' Favourite. No accounting for taste, I guess. The yelling clearly dismays Lord Edmund's Horse, which slows to a Trot.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Earl Yurgutz = 14
Lord Edmund = 12
Charge Phase
Lord Edmund's slow progress up the lists enables him to get a straight attack against Earl Yurgutz. Meanwhile Earl Yurgutz seems to be barely in control of his horse, although the ladies do rather like his antics. He retains 1 bonus die as a result of this adulation.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Earl Yurgutz = 11
Lord Edmund = 10
Clash Phase
Despite his obviously greater skill, Earl Yurgutz's strength and sheer power overwhelm him and Earl Yurgutz lands a strike on Earl Edmund. The ladies swoon at the Earl's sheer animal power and he retains one bonus die.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Earl Yurgutz = 2
Lord Edmund = 7

The blow lands on Lord Edmund's helm, just missing the crest that would have netted Earl Yurgutz a huge points advantage. Earl Yurgutz's lance breaks scoring him one point, but, alas, so does Lord Edmund's neck, snapping like a dry twig. He falls to the floor dead. Earl Yurgutz is disqualified and the stewards need an armed guard to leave the lists, as ladies of all sizes, shapes and stations descend angrily upon them to berate their decision.


  1. Poor Lord Edmund :( But typical orcish behaviour, not nearly as civilised as the Undead.

  2. Wot I do rong. Not my fault he got snappy neck. Still more time for da gurlz.

  3. I am pleased to see that Earl Yurgutz will be attending the Carnival ball tonight! His fans wish to get close to him!!

    I did consider not using the disqualification for killing rule, but decided that was not that sort of tournament. We shall save that for the fighting pits of Treyine instead.


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