Sunday, 23 December 2012

Autumn 992 - Battle of Shady Palms

The undead army continued its advance through the Dwarven countryside and cornered the remains of it's army in a wooded valley.  The Dwarves set up in a classic hammer and anvil manner while the undead having out outmaneuvered them set up to try and counter this.  Wearz Meskin now understood how his army fought and had discovered that terror was his strongest ally today.

The set up.
 Deciding that a swift brutal stroke was required, the cavalry charged the crossbow unit in the hope that they could do some damage and damage they did, the crossbow passed 0d6 on their being charged roll (5,6) causing them to rout and the cavalry chose not to pursue.
 Following the dwarven battle plan, they advanced up the centre.
 The undead needed to rely of terror and unfortunately for the soldiers a double 5 on their being charge test caused them to rout while the last remaining soldier unit halted while the servants and the hero counter charged.
 Hits flowed back and forward as all bar the ghouls that had taken hits were all fanatic so they jst remained in the battle.
 The ghouls had decided to extend the line to the left which while was successful in removing the servants of null on the right, did allow the other ghoul unit to fail its test and rout.
 Only the hero remains and while the archers may have been able to catch him, they couldn't charge him so they allowed him to flee the battlefield.

The dwarven hero managed to move far enough away that he wasn't going to be stopped. 

Thoughts on the game - Terror played a big part in this game, with unlucky die rolls for the soldiers compounding this.  The low rep of the undead units has made them brittle and against larger armies I think the army will struggle as units will evaporate rather quickly but it will be an enjoyable journey. 

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