Saturday, 29 December 2012

Carnival 992 - Sir Robin versus Lord Reynardo, Tilt 2

Blood trickles down Lord Reynardo's arm as he gets ready to face Sir Robin once more.
Kick Phase
Sir Robin and Lord Reynardo both kick their horses into a gallop. The ground thunders beneath the hooves of their chargers as they approach each other.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Robin = 7
Lord Reynardo = 5
Charge Phase
Lord Reynardo, despite his wounds is able to gain a slight advantage and lines up a sweep attack on Sir Robin.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Robin = 7
Lord Reynardo = 3
Clash Phase
Sir Robin has clearly been holding back. He suddenly pulls himself together and throws everything into his attack. He totally outmatches Lord Reynardo and lands a solid blow on his chest.

Bonus Dice remaining:
Sir Robin = 0
Lord Reynardo = 2

Sir Robin breaks his lance on Lord Reynardo's armour, scoring 1 point, and badly winding his Lordship (Battered, -2P). Lord Reynardo is now too badly injured to continue (reduced to 0 Prowess) and must withdraw, scoring Sir Robin a further 2 points. Sir Robin wins and passes through to the next round.

Sir Robin - 6 points
Lord Reynardo - 0 points

Sir Robin gains 14 Fame and 1400 Florins.

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